British Scooter Rallies Association

The British Scooter Rallies Association (BSRA) was formed at the Morecambe Scooter Rally of 1997, after the demise of the N.S.R.A. (National Scooter Rallies Association) and virtual collapse of the National Rally Scene which had been the mainstay of British Roadgoing Scootering since the very early 1980's.

Its main role still in the naughties, is to try and look after the needs of ordinary roadgoing Scooterists, and hopefully protect the National Rally scene. The BSRA is a committee of Clubs, Alliances, Scooter Organisations and Scooter Riding Individuals who have a genuine love and interest in perpetuating the traditional British National Scooter Rally. It does not dictate who should, or should not, organise rallies in the UK. It simply collates a list of events which the association believes are of a good enough standard to be endorsed by the B.S.R.A. It’s a mark of quality being included on the B.S.R.A. list, and a guarantee (as far as is possible) that the event won't be cancelled, and that you won't be ripped off.. And most importantly, that it is run by genuine Scooterists. It is also an ideal medium in which to ensure that major dates don't clash, and there is an even spread of them wherever possible.

The criteria which has to be met to achieve B.S.R.A. National Rally status is quite simple:
• The ability to cater for a thousand plus people.
• A genuine attempt at providing a camping option.
• Quality venues, licences and entertainment.
• Must be run by Scooterists.
• Has to be an established event if organisers are of an unknown and unproven quantity.
• Must be a weekend event.
• Must work Geographically within the established B.S.R.A. calendar (nightmare)

To sit on the committee as a normal Scooter Club, collective or individual you must be organising an event which fits the above criteria. Alliances, National Scooter Clubs/ Organisations and committees (Scottish No 1's) are automatically entitled to two reps.
So basically the BSRA is an association of good will by active Scooterists within our scene.

Over the last few years the BSRA has also, because of its credibility, proved to be a way of negotiating with Ferry companies, dealing with local and regional councils over licencing issues, and being a central point of contact for Police regarding events. We also provide a figurehead for Authorities to communicate with when thousands of Scooters descend on their town.